Plastics Recycling

SI South Perth is taking up the challenge to reduce plastic waste as much as possible and recover what is used from the environment and recycle it. Our current project is to collect plastic bottle lids and plastic bread tags as both of these items are not accepted in the City of South Perth recycling yellow bins.

The plastic lids are collected and checked for cleanliness and compliance (no larger than 5 cm in diameter), then sorted into individual colour categories and placed in separate containers ready for the deposit facility. They are delivered to Greenbatch, which is a Western Australian organisation working towards building WA’s first PET plastic reprocessing facility. The lids are shredded and put through a process to turn them into pellets that can be used to produce 3D printer filament.

The bread tags are sent to Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs and sold to a company called Transmutation that recycles the tags into products such as door knobs, bowls and coasters. The sale of the tags raises funds to buy wheelchairs and mobility aids for disadvantaged people in South Africa.

By supporting this recycling project, SI South Perth is helping to save plastic from entering landfills, oceans and incinerators, as well as changing the lives of disabled people in need.

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