Soroptimist International of South Perth

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Soroptimist Objectives

The objectives of Soroptimism are:

To strive for:
the advancement of the status of women;
high ethical standards;
human rights for all;
equality, development and peace...

through international goodwill and understanding and friendship.

Soroptimist International is committed to:

service to local, national and international communities; and
active participation in decision-making at all levels of society.

The Pledge
As part of our commitment to Soroptimism, we state the pledge at the start of each of our meetings.

I pledge allegiance to Soroptimism and the ideals for which it stands:

The Sincerity of Friendship
The Joy of Achievement
The Dignity of Service
The Integrity of Profession
The Love of Country

I will put forth my greatest effort to promote, uphold and defend these ideals for all that is best and truest in mankind.

Soroptimist Emblem
The Soroptimist emblem symbolises the aims and ideals of Soroptimism. On a circular disc, the woman appears as a central figure, with the flowing rays of a new day forming an aureole behind her. The figure depicts the spirit of womanhood vital steadfast and dauntless.

The female figure holds in her upraised arms a plaque bearing the word "Soroptimist". She upholds it as a gesture of freedom and glory.

From the word "Soroptimist" the leaves and acorns of the mighty oak tree curve downward to the right, epitomising the strength, growth, progress and achievements of the organisation. Curving downward to the left are the leaves of the laurel, renowned from antiquity as the emblem of victory, typifying friendship and success.

Below the female figure, the word, "International" signifies the worldwide nature of Soroptimism.

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