Beanies for the Homeless

In this time of social isolation, here’s something to keep you busy while at the same time contributing to a worthy cause. Why not invest in or dust off your knitting needles and join our community of volunteers who are knitting beanies for the homeless. If you need a pattern see below.

This project is now in its nineth year and continues to grow, with enthusiastic support from other Soroptimist clubs, craft groups, social groups and many individuals. Beanies, scarves and blankets are knitted, sewn or crocheted by caring hands and distributed to varies agencies and shelters during June. Last year over 700 beanies were distributed along with scarves, blankets, children’s jumpers and socks.

Together we aim to make a difference by giving a small, but welcome gift of warmth to a homeless person. A beanie is something personal, a new gift that is easy to transport, not lost easily as it’s on one’s head, and it keeps the wearer warm in both winter and summer when doing it tough sleeping on concrete or under the starts.

If you would like to contribute to this project, email us at or visit our Facebook page.