School Packs Project

Throughout the month of September we will again be aiming to fill hundreds of bags with school stationery for children in need. This year’s stationery packs will be received by Western Australian children being raised by their grandparents and children in refuges escaping domestic violence in local refuges.

We would like to make the packs extra special for these children, who often have very few belongings. The stationery packs we provide to primary-aged children this year will be hand-made tote bags. So we are seeking help from people who are able to sew tote bags or donate suitable fabrics for making the totes.

Items needed include: packs of highlighters, writing pens, twist crayons, coloured pencils, coloured markers, writing pencils, pencil cases, glue sticks, erasers, sharpeners.  The items must be NEW and can be any brand.

Visit the School Packs Project Facebook page for full details.